A special events permit is required for any of the following activities:
   (A)   Any organized athletic, fund raising or public awareness type of events that may require the use of any public streets or sidewalks as their route. The routing of these types of events is subject to the authorization of the Village Police, Fire and Public Works Departments;
   (B)   Special business promotions, excluding temporary outdoor sales (such as tent sales, parking lot sales, farmers markets, farm stands, sidewalk sales and similar sales) as these are regulated by the zoning ordinance. The use of searchlights, hot air balloons and inflatable symbols may be permitted in conjunction with a special business promotion;
   (C)   Carnivals, parades, petting zoos and fireworks displays;
   (D)   Church socials, weddings and yard parties; and
   (E)   Block parties subject to the following:
      (1)   Any block party that may necessitate the closing or cordoning off of any public right-of-way is subject to the authorization of the Village Police and Fire Departments and the Public Works Department;
      (2)   For safety reasons, block parties require the organizers to obtain written permission of at least half of the residents who live on that block affected by the street closing prior to any village review of their permit request;
      (3)   Upon village approval of the special event permit, the organizers are required to provide all residents of that block with written notification of the date and times of the party and notification that the street will be closed for through traffic; and
      (4)   The Department of Public Works will drop off the street barricades at or near the streets that require blocking. The organizers will be required to set up the street barricades at the beginning of the party. At the conclusion of the party, the organizers will be required to remove the barricades to the parkways for later pick-up by the Public Works Department.
(Ord. 4037, passed 3-15-2010) Penalty, see § 10.99