(A)   All garbage and rubbish shall be drained and stored in a 95-gallon wheeled and covered cart provided by the village’s licensed residential scavenger. Yard waste material shall not be stored or mixed in the same waste container as garbage and rubbish for collection and disposal.
   (B)   Each collection day not more than one bulk rubbish article such as a “white good” shall be set out in a neat, orderly manner for collection at no cost as further described and regulated in the collection services agreement with the village’s licensed residential scavenger. Additional bulk rubbish articles shall be collected in compliance with the terms of the collection services agreement.
   (C)   Yard waste materials intended for collection and disposal by the exclusive household refuse contractor shall be placed only in those containers authorized by the village contract with said disposal service. The village shall inform the public of the type of approved container authorized for disposal of yard waste, and where they may be obtained. Bulk items such as tree branches and shrubbery trimmings, intended for collection by the village disposal service, shall be cut into lengths not greater than four feet and securely bundled into clusters easily handled by one person. In no instance shall yard waste materials be mixed with garbage or rubbish as defined in § 50.001 for collection and disposal.
   (D)   Garbage cans must be stored behind the front of the principal building, not including a garage which may project forward of the principal building of the residence.
(2000 Code, § 50.16) (Ord. 1431, passed 6-4-1990; Ord. 4120, passed 10-17-2011; Ord. 4279, passed 7-20-2015) Penalty, see § 50.999