Sec. 86-131.  Street tree species to be planted.
The following list constitutes the official street tree species for the city. No species other than those included in this list may be planted as street trees without written permission of the tree commission.
Medium Trees
Large Trees
Crimson King Maple
Sweet Gum
Red Maple and Selections
Greenspire Linden
Hedge Maple
Thornless Locust Species
Callery Pear
Sugar Maple
Red Oak
Hop Hornbeam
White Oak
Shingle Oak
London Plane Tree
Black Gum
Pin Oak
Amur Cork Tree
Katsura Tree
Thornless Cocksper Hawthorn
Japanese Pagoda Tree
(Ord. No. 123, § 7, 12-17-1990; Ord. No. 170, 12-1-2008)