Sec. 1-12.  Certain ordinances not affected by Code.
(a)   Nothing in this Code or the ordinance adopting this Code affects the validity of any ordinance or portion of any ordinance:
   (1)   Establishing or amending the city's Charter.
   (2)   Annexing property into the city or describing the corporate limits.
   (3)   Deannexing property or excluding property from the city.
   (4)   Promising or guaranteeing the payment of money or authorizing the issuance of bonds or other instruments of indebtedness.
   (5)   Authorizing or approving any contract, deed or agreement.
   (6)   Granting any right or franchise.
   (7)   Making or approving any appropriation or budget.
   (8)   Creating or establishing any department of city government not codified in this Code.
   (9)   Providing for the duties of city officers or employees not codified in this Code.
   (10)   Providing for salaries or other employee benefits.
   (11)   Pertaining to the downtown development authority, downtown development district, local development finance authority or local development finance district not codified in this Code.
   (12)   Pertaining to the economic development corporation.
   (13)   Reserved.
   (14)   Adopting or amending the comprehensive plan.
   (15)   Levying or imposing any special assessment.
   (16)   Dedicating, naming, establishing, locating, relocating, opening, paving, widening, repairing or vacating any street, sidewalk or alley.
   (17)   Establishing the grade of any street or sidewalk.
   (18)   Dedicating, accepting or vacating any plat or subdivision.
   (19)   Levying, imposing or otherwise relating to taxes, exemptions from taxes and fees in lieu of taxes.
   (20)   Pertaining to cable communications not codified in this Code.
   (21)   Rezoning property.
   (22)   That is temporary, although general in effect.
   (23)   That is special, although permanent in effect.
   (24)   The purpose of which has been accomplished.
(b)   The ordinances or portions of ordinances designated in subsection (a) of this section continue in full force and effect to the same extent as if published at length in this Code.