EDITOR'S NOTE:  Pursuant to Ordinance 92-26, passed December 10, 1992, the City has adopted specifications for water line installation, disinfection, testing, construction and maintenance and use of service lines within the City.  Copies are one file with the City Recorder.
925.01   Size of water service
925.02   Installation and maintenance of service pipes.
925.03   Services for individual houses.
925.04   Water meters.
925.05   Billing tenants; liability of owners.
925.06   Exemptions.
925.07   Turning on or off charges.
925.08   Interference.
925.09   Repair, replacement of pipes.
925.10   Obstructing or changing natural flow.
925.11   Allowing water on others property.
925.12   Rates.
      Power to collect fees - see W.Va. Code 8-12-5(32); Art. 8-19
      Discontinuance for nonpayment - see W.Va. Code 8-19-13
      Review by Public Service Commission - see W.Va. Code 24-2-4(b)
      Deposit limitations - see W.Va. Code 24-3-8