(a)   Unpaved streets shall meet the specifications of this section.
      (1)   All excavation, refill, compaction and cleaning up shall be performed as hereinbefore specified for paved streets.
      (2)   The surface of refilled trenches and excavation in unpaved streets shall be of crushed stone.  No reinforced concrete or asphaltic concrete will be required.  The top ten inches of the trench or excavation shall be refilled with crushed stone, thoroughly compacted, and chocked with stone dust to provide a stable surface for vehicular traffic.
         The crushed stone shall be Standard Size No. 2 and the stone dust shall be Standard Size No. 13, in accordance with the Grading Requirements for Coarse Aggregates as specified in the latest edition of the Standard Specifications, Roads and Bridges, of the State Roads Commission of West Virginia.  The applicant shall be responsible for condition of repairs for two years.
   (b)   The City Engineer, or such other person as Council shall designate, is authorized however, when it appears any specification is not to the best interest of the City and of the person to whom a permit has been issued, to permit a modification of such specifications within sound engineering judgment but any modification made by him shall be endorsed upon the permit.
(Passed 3-26-64)