(A)   Office of Municipal Administrator. The Office of Municipal Administrator is created and shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by the Council.
   (B)   The Municipal Administrator shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the city and shall be responsible to the governing body for the proper administration of the affairs of the city and the coordination of activities delegated to other officers. To that end, the City Administrator shall have the authority, duty, and responsibility as required to carry out the following responsibilities to the extent such responsibilities are assigned to the City Administrator:
      (1)   General duties.
         (a)   Serve as the principal advisor to the Mayor in the performance of his or her duties, as appropriate.
         (b)   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the governing body, municipal officers, and municipal employees.
         (c)   Provide the governing body with pertinent information regarding the administration of all city departments and city activities.
         (d)   Work with the Mayor and governing body to develop and implement short- and long-range plans for the city's growth, including strategic and comprehensive plans and a capital improvement program (CIP) for the city; recommend to the governing body programs and actions to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the city.
         (e)   Complete all tasks generally assigned to the City Administrator and working closely with the Municipal Clerk, Municipal Accountant, Municipal Attorney, Municipal Judge, Municipal Engineer, Chief of Police, and other city staff to develop, present, implement, administer, coordinate, and manage all of the following:
            1.   Municipal elections;
            2.   Contracts and discussions with vendors on behalf of the City Council;
            3.   Annual budgets and tax rates;
            4.   Permitting and code enforcement;
            5.   The city's website and public communications;
            6.   Municipal utility services, customer accounts, and billing; and
            7.   Operations and maintenance of city-owned or leased property, facilities, assets, and equipment, including city parks and utility infrastructure.
      (2)   Management. Oversee, provide administrative direction, and coordinate the activities of all city departments and delegate duties to city municipal officers and employees as appropriate; establish the organizational structure of the city, internal policies and procedures, and job descriptions for approval by the City Council; hire, discipline, and remove city employees, except for those municipal officers appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council in accordance with § 31.02 of this chapter; conduct performance evaluations of municipal officers and employees at least annually for review by the Mayor and approval by the City Council.
      (3)   Development-related activities. When the position(s) is vacant, and unless otherwise delegated, serve as City Planner, Zoning Administrator, Building Official, and Historic Preservation Official in accordance with the city's ordinances; issue development-related permits, including subdivision plats, building permits and historic preservation approvals; administer and enforce the provisions of all zoning provisions and serve as a nonvoting ex officio member and secretary to the Planning and Zoning Commission; facilitate the development and negotiation of development agreements.
      (4)   Procurement. Purchase of all materials, supplies, equipment, and services for which funds are provided in the budget; purchase budgeted materials and supplies necessary for operation or maintenance of the city services, for amounts up to and including $3,000, in compliance with city procedures and competitive and professional state procurement laws.
      (5)   Miscellaneous. Perform all other duties required to be performed by the City Administrator under state law and ordinances and policies of the city. The City Administrator shall have such further authority, duties and responsibilities as reasonably implied from the terms of this section and as heretofore or hereafter provided by the City Council.
      (6)   Interaction with City Council members. The City Administrator may receive comments or advice from individual Council members. However, only the Council, acting in accordance with law at a regular or special meeting, will have authority to direct the City Administrator in regard to the execution of his or her duties and responsibilities. The City Administrator may consult with the Mayor regarding routine administrative matters, but will not be bound to comply with any directions provided by the Mayor unless the City Council has approved the directions in a regular or special meeting and in accordance with law.
      (7)   Floodplain Administrator. Serve as the city's Floodplain Administrator after receiving proper training.
(Ord. 2018-11-05, passed 11-5-2018; Ord. 2021-11-02-01, passed 11-2-2021)
Statutory reference:
   Other municipal officers, see Tex. Loc. Gov’t. Code, § 22.071