(A)   The governing body consists of a mayor and five aldermen who are elected by the qualified voters of the municipality.
   (B)   Mayor - powers and duties.
      (1)   The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the municipality. The Mayor shall at all times actively ensure that the laws and ordinances of the municipality are properly carried out. The Mayor shall perform the duties and exercise the powers prescribed by the governing body of the municipality. The Mayor shall inspect the conduct of each subordinate municipal officer and shall cause any negligence, carelessness, or other violation of duty to be prosecuted and punished. The Mayor shall give to the governing body any information, and shall recommend to the governing body any measure, that relates to improving the finances, police, health, security, cleanliness, comfort, ornament, or good government of the municipality. The Mayor may administer oaths of office. In the event of a riot or unlawful assembly or to preserve the peace and good order in the municipality, the Mayor may order and enforce the closing of a theater, ballroom, or other place of recreation or entertainment, or a public room or building and may order the arrest of a person who violates a state law or a municipal ordinance in the presence of the Mayor.
      (2)   The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the governing body of the municipality and, except in elections, may vote only if there is a tie.
   (C)   Mayor Pro Tempore. At each new governing body's first meeting or as soon as practicable, the governing body shall elect one Alderman to serve as President Pro Tempore for a term of one year. If the Mayor fails, is unable, or refuses to act, the President Pro Tempore shall perform the Mayor's duties and is entitled to receive the fees and compensation prescribed for the Mayor. If the Mayor and the President Pro Tempore are absent, any Alderman may be appointed to preside at the meeting.
(Ord. 2018-11-05, passed 11-5-2018)
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