General Provisions
   90.001   Keeping livestock
   90.002   Poultry or domestic fowl
   90.003   Running at large or staking out
   90.004   Feeding deer
   90.005   Police dogs; applicability
   90.006   Failure to comply with order
Dogs and Cats
   90.020   Definitions
   90.021   Rabies vaccination required
   90.022   Dog waste; removal
   90.023   Cats at large
   90.024   Dogs at large
   90.025   City authorized to contract for care, disposition of domesticated animals in lieu of establishing pound
   90.026   Apprehending and impounding
   90.027   Police officer; duties
   90.028   Notice to owner; redemption
   90.029   Unclaimed or infected animals; disposition
   90.030   Confinement of domesticated animals; releasing
   90.031   Rabies control
   90.032   Interference with enforcement officer
   90.033   Owner’s liability for damage
   90.034   Domesticated animal causing disturbance or annoyance
   90.035   Kennels and breeding dogs
Vicious Animals
   90.050   Definitions
   90.051   Unprovoked dog biting
   90.052   Protocol for dogs subject to vicious animal procedures
   90.053   License and insurance required
   90.054   Confinement of fierce, dangerous or vicious animals
   90.055   Restraint
   90.056   Seizure, impoundment and disposition; failure to comply
Dangerous Animals
   90.070   Definition
   90.071   Keeping dangerous animals prohibited
   90.999   Penalty