(A)   The City Council may, on recommendation of the Director- Coordinator, authorize any purchase or contracts necessary to place the city in a position to combat effectively any disaster resulting from the expansion of any nuclear or other bomb or missile, and to protect the public health and safety, protect property, and provide emergency assistance to victims in the case of such disaster, or from man-made or natural disaster.
   (B)   In the event of enemy-caused or other disaster, the Director-Coordinator of the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency is authorized, on behalf of the city, to procure such services, supplies, equipment or material as may be necessary for such purposes, in view of the emergency without regard to the statutory procedures or formalities normally prescribed by law pertaining to city contracts or obligations, as authorized by the State ESDA Act, provided, that if the Council meets as such time he shall act subject to the directions and restrictions imposed by that body.
(‘72 Code, § 3.17(i)) (Am. Ord. 584, passed 3-19-79; Am. Ord. 1671, passed 5-16-18; Am. Ord. 1819, passed 3-16-22)
Statutory reference:
   For provisions concerning the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act, see ILCS Ch. 20, Act 3305, § 1 et seq.