(A)   The city has reviewed conditions in the community to determine which neighborhoods within the city should be considered for designation as neighborhood preservation areas and is developing appropriate programs for each neighborhood so designated.
   (B)   (1)   After consultation with community representatives and following open public hearings to consider the designation of such areas, the following four areas are designated as neighborhood preservation areas:
         (a)   Neighborhood Preservation Area A, bounded by the city (west, south), 159th Street and Interstate 57 (north) and the Illinois Tollway (I-294) (east);
         (b)   Neighborhood Preservation Area B, bounded by the city limits (north, east), Interstate 57 (west) and 159th Street (south);
         (c)   Neighborhood Preservation Area C, bounded by the city limits (north, east) and the Illinois Tollway (I-294) (west); and
         (d)   Neighborhood Preservation Area D, bounded by the city limits (west, north, east) and Interstate 57 (south, east).
      (2)   These four areas are more specifically shown upon a map which is appended to the ordinance codified herein and made part of this chapter by reference.
(Prior Code, § 152.02) (Ord. 79-O-1004, passed 4-2-1979)