An interested person’s registration shall remain effective for a period of three years. At any time after such three-year period, the Clerk may provide written notice by regular mail to the interested person stating that such registration shall terminate unless the interested person renews such registration with 30 days after the Clerk’s mailing of written notice. To renew such registration, the interested person shall, within such 30-day period, complete and submit the same registration form then required of initial registrants operations in the city. The registration of all individuals and organizations whose registration form is submitted in a timely manner and complies with these regulation rules shall be renewed for an additional, consecutive three-year period. If the Clerk determines that a registrant’s renewal registration form is incomplete or does not comply with these registration rules, the Clerk shall give written notice to the registrant at the address specified in the renewal registration form submitted by such registrant specifying the defect(s). The registrant shall be entitled to correct any defects and resubmit a new registration form within 30 days after receipt of the Clerk’s notice. If all defects are not corrected within 30 days after the interested person’s receipt of the Clerk’s notice, the interested person’s registration shall be terminated. Any interested person whose registration is terminated shah be entitled to register again as if a first-time registrant.
(Ord. 07-O-1887, passed 4-18-2007)