(A)   All individuals and organizations whose registration form and supporting documentation complies with these registration rules shall be registered in the applicable registry within ten business days after the Clerk’s receipt of all such documents.
   (B)   The Clerk shall provide written notice to the registrant confirming such registration.
   (C)   Upon registration interested parties shall be entitled to receive all notices and documents required to be delivered under these rules or as otherwise required under the Act with respect to the applicable redevelopment project area.
   (D)   If the Clerk determines that a registrant’s registration form and/or supporting documentation is incomplete or does not comply with these registration rules, the Clerk shall give written notice to the registrant specifying the defect(s) and the registrant shall be entitled to correct any defects and resubmit a new registration form and supporting documentation.
(Ord. 07-O-1887, passed 4-18-2007)