This subchapter is for the purpose of requiring that new construction and developments pay a fair share of the cost of public facilities and services through the imposition of an impact fee which will be used to finance, defray or reimburse the city for all or a portion of the costs of public facilities and services which serve each developments or new construction. The amount of each impact fee shall be $5,000 for a single-family home and $5,000 for each dwelling unit in a multiple-family structure. The impact fee for industrial or commercial structures shall be calculated by the Building Department based on the gross square footage of non-residential development, type of density or intensity of use, trip generation or other appropriate methodology which ensures that the fee is roughly proportional to the impact of the new construction or development on public facilities and services. Those calculations will be based on rules issued from time to time by the Building Department. The city assumes responsibility for and will pay for with general city revenues all public facility needs for existing developments.
(Prior Code, § 150.55) (Ord. 06-O-1870, passed 8-2-2006)