Sec. 10-26. Changes in the business conducted by licensee during the year.
   A licensee or an assignee shall report a change in the information contained in the license application to the Administrator within ten (10) days after the change occurs. If information shown on the license itself is affected, the licensee or assignee shall surrender the license to the Administrator when reporting the change.
   (a)   Fee for change. If the change does not result in a separate license fee, the Administrator shall reissue a license reflecting the change upon payment of a fee of $5.00.
   (b)   Change requiring refusal of a license. If there is reason for revoking the license under Section 10-19 of this article, the Administrator shall refuse to reissue a license and shall instead begin proceedings to revoke the license in accordance with Section 10-23 of this article.
(Ord. No. O-15-11-17-1, § 2, 11-17-15)