Chapter 9
*   Cross References: Cleanliness and location of animal enclosures restricted,  3-17; street sanitation,  15-86 et seq.
   State Law References: Local health departments, G.S.  130A-34; authority of city to prohibit or regulate conditions detrimental to health, safety or welfare of the citizens, G.S.  160A-174(a).
   Cross References: Animals, Ch. 3.
   State Law References: Regulation of the placing of trash, refuse and garbage within municipal limits, G.S.  160A-303.1.
Art. I. In General,  9-1--9-25
Art. II. Solid Waste,  9-26--9-60
Art. III. Abandoned Vehicles,  9-61--9-100
Art. IV. Noise,  9-101--9-120
Art. V. Nuisances,  9-121--9-149
Art. VI. Graffiti,  9-150--9-153