(A)   Authority to erect stop signs. Whenever any city ordinance designates and describes a through street, the City Traffic Engineer shall place and maintain a stop sign on each and every street intersecting through that street or intersection or that portion thereof which is described and designated as such by any city ordinance.
   (B)   Intersections where stop required. The City Traffic Engineer, with the approval of the City Traffic Commission, is authorized to determine and designate intersections where particular hazard exists upon other than through streets and to determine whether vehicles shall stop at one or more entrances to any such stop intersection and shall erect a stop sign at every place where a stop is required.
   (C)   Stop when traffic obstructed. No driver shall enter an intersection or a marked crosswalk unless there is sufficient space on the other side of the intersection or crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle he or she is operating without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians, notwithstanding any official traffic-control devices or signals indicating that the driver may proceed.
(1985 Code, § 9-4-1-28(e)) (Ord. 4-1951, passed 4-17-1951)