Final Plat Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
Does Not
1.    General
   (a)    Submitted within 12 months of approval of preliminary plat.
   (b)    Improvements completed or assurance given as required.
   (c)    Application form properly completed.
   (d)    Plat prepared in waterproof ink on tracing cloth or other material of equal permanence at a scale of not less than one inch equals 100 feet.
   (e)    Sheets are at least 25 inches by 29 inches in size but not larger than 24 inches by 36 inches with one-half inch border and one and one-half inches left binding edge with lettering size no smaller than 0.10 inch with pen width of at least 0.013.
   (f)    Improvement plans meeting requirements of responsible official.
2.    Plat Detail
   (a)    Name of subdivision.
   (b)    Locational description.
   (c)    Owner, subdivider, surveyor, and engineer names and addresses.
   (d)    Date and scale of plan including graphic scale.
   (e)    North point.
   (f)    Adequate survey data.
   (g)    Names of adjoining owners or subdivisions.
   (h)    Name of streets and right-of-way.
   (i)    Location, purpose and recorded reference of all easements within or serving the proposed subdivision.
   (j)    Lot and block numbers.
Final Plat Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
   (k)    Dedication of lots and purpose.
   (l)    Excepted parcels or out lots so marked, "Not Included in This Plat."
   (m)    Building setback lines shown and properly located.
   (n)    Location and description of monuments.
   (o)    Previous lot lines in case of replat.
   (p)    Flood hazard elevation of the area to be subdivided and boundaries of the 100 year flood shall be shown.
   (q)    Present zoning classification if applicable.
   (r)    Soil information as specified in § 153.049(P).
3.    Certifications
   (a)    Certificate of surveyor and engineer.
   (b)    Certificate of ownership and dedication.
   (c)    Approval of Board of Health where sewer and public water is not available.
   (d)    Certificate of approval of Planning Commission.
   (e)    Certificate of the Village of Marblehead's acceptance of streets and other public ways.
   (f)    Auditor's certificate of transfer including statement that all due taxes have been paid.
   (g)    Certificate of county recorder.
   (h)    Certificate of approval of the village engineer.
   (i)    Protective covenants, if any.
   (j)    Certificate of county sanitary engineer.
   (k)    Certificate of Board of Public Affairs.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001)