The preliminary plat shall contain the following information:
   (A)   Proposed name of the subdivision which shall not duplicate or closely approximate the name of any other subdivision in the Village of Marblehead;
   (B)   Location by section, village, township, county and state;
   (C)   Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the owner(s); subdivider(s); and the engineer(s)/surveyor(s) who prepared the plat; and appropriate registration numbers and seals;
   (D)   Date of survey, scale of the plat, north point;
   (E)   A vicinity map at a preferred scale of one inch to 400 feet or smaller shall be provided which indicates the relationship of the subdivision to its surroundings. This map shall display all existing subdivisions, roads, tract lines and the nearest existing thoroughfares whenever possible;
   (F)   Boundaries of the subdivision; amount of acreage in lots, streets, open spaces and the total acreage shall be shown;
   (G)   Names of adjacent subdivisions and owners of adjoining parcels of unsubdivided land;
   (H)   Locations, widths, centerlines and names of all existing and/or platted streets, public or private; railroad and utility rights-of-way, easements, permanent buildings, and corporation and township lines; location of wooded areas and other significant topographic and natural features within and adjacent to the plat;
   (I)   Zoning classification of the tract and a description of proposed zoning changes, if any;
   (J)   Existing contours at an interval of:
      (1)   One foot where average slopes do not exceed 5%;
      (2)   Two feet where average slopes exceed 5% but do not exceed 15%; and
      (3)   Five feet where average slopes exceed 15%.
   (K)   Location of existing sewers, drainage tile, water mains, culverts or other underground utilities within the tract or adjacent thereto, with pipe sizes, depth and grade indicated; also location of existing and proposed easements. Separate sheets may be used when appropriate;
   (L)   Location, names and dimensions of existing and proposed streets; alleys; crosswalks; and other easements. Names shall not duplicate or closely approximate any existing street name in Danbury Township and the Village of Marblehead;
   (M) All building setback lines with dimensions shown graphically along all streets;
   (N)   Location and dimensions of all proposed utility and sewers (including easements), showing their connections with existing systems;
   (O)   If no central water and/or sewage system exists, the subdivider shall state the type of system he or she proposes to use. A proposal of on-lot sewage disposal shall require the soil conditions encountered in the area of the proposed subdivision to be identified. A central sewage treatment plant and/or central water system shall be constructed when deemed necessary by the appropriate public agency. The connection to available central facilities shall be mandatory;
   (P)   Soils information including soil types, location and engineering properties related to intended uses should be identified on the plat for existing soils or proposed fill sources. In addition, soil capabilities and limitations for the intended land use shall appear. This information can be obtained at no charge from the Ottawa County Soil and Water Conservation District;
   (Q)   Layout, numbers and approximate dimensions of each lot;
   (R)   Parcels of land in acres to be reserved for public use or to be reserved by covenant for residents of the subdivision;
   (S)   High water levels in vicinities of lakes, rivers and other natural bodies of water; and
   (T)   Certificate of preliminary approval by the Commission shall be located on the plat.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999