The final plat shall contain the following information:
   (A)   Name of the subdivision, location by section, village, township, county and state;
   (B)   Metes and bounds description of the entire parcel included in the plat;
   (C)   Date, north point and acreage;
   (D)   Name and address of the subdivider, owner, the professional engineer who prepared the improvement plans and the registered surveyor who prepared the plat and their appropriate registration numbers and seals;
   (E)   Primary control points and descriptions or ties to such, shall be shown on the plat;
   (F)   All plat boundaries, proposed lot lines and bearings should reflect actual or calculated values. All dimensions shown shall be referenced by arrow marks to their beginning and ending points;
   (G)   Center lines of streets and rights-of-way of street, alleys, easements with accurate dimensions, bearings or deflection angles and radii, arcs and central angles of all curves. Linear dimensions shall be expressed by bearings and distances in feet and hundredths thereof. All dimensions, both linear and angular, are to be determined by an accurate control survey in the field which must balance and close within the limit of one in 10,000;
   (H)   Names of existing and proposed streets or other rights-of-way. (Names shall not duplicate or closely approximate other street names in Danbury Township and the Village of Marblehead);
   (I)   Location, width, purpose and recorded reference of all easements within or serving the proposed subdivision;
   (J)   Number to identify each lot, site or block. All lots and blocks shall be numbered progressively;
   (K)   Dedication of streets, reserved areas, or other applicable areas within the boundaries of the plat;
   (L)   Excepted parcels or out lots which shall be marked "Not Included in Plat;"
   (M)    Minimum building setback lines on all lots and other sites displayed graphically with dimensions from street lines. For large numbers of lots, a typical lot may be shown;
   (N)   Accurate location and description of all monuments. If in place, a letter so stating their placement shall be submitted;
   (O)   Previous lots or blocks and their numbers indicated by relatively thinner lines or other visible method (in the case of a replat);
   (P)   A copy of any available restrictive covenants in form for recording shall be presented with the final plat to the Commission;
   (Q)   One hundred year flood boundaries shall be shown on the plat as well as flood hazard elevation for the area being subdivided; and
   (R)   Whether or not a preliminary plat has been submitted, the requirements of § 153.049(P) shall be submitted on the final plat.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999