§ 92.05 NO WAKE ZONE.
   (A)   The following area is a no wake zone:
      (1)   The area between Buoy A, located at 41° 30' 38" latitude and 82° 44' 00" longitude; thence easterly to Buoy B located at 41° 30' 41" latitude and 82° 43' 43" longitude; thence due North to the natural shoreline; thence generally Westerly following the natural shoreline to a point due North of Buoy A and thence to Buoy A. The distance between Buoy A and Buoy B being .58 mile.
      (2)   This no wake zone area is in Sandusky Bay approximately between the second bridge on the Johnsons Island Causeway to a point off shore from the Duck Club.
(Ord. 5, 1988, passed 2-12-1998) Penalty, see § 92.99