17-11-4 Riparian areas, wildlife corridors and areas of significant vegetation
The following information shall be required, as it may apply:
A.   The property owner shall provide the town with a complete SRI per the requirements of section 17-11-3.
B.   Biological linkages between existing wildlife and riparian corridors shall be maintained.
C.   The size and shape of riparian areas and wildlife corridor linkages shall be:
   1.   Determined based on existing studies or the town-accepted recommendations of a qualified biologist; and
   2.   Delineated in the SRI.
D.   A riparian area or wildlife corridor linkage may be protected and enhanced by a buffer of natural open space, open space, or golf course. The combined linkage and buffer shall be wide enough to accommodate the wildlife species most sensitive to human encroachment and known to inhabit the riparian area or to traverse the wildlife corridor.
E.   Riparian areas and wildlife linkages delineated in the SRI and slated for protection shall remain undisturbed throughout the course of development and shall be fenced-off during construction.
F.   Any grading of the riparian and wildlife corridors and linkages shall be mitigated at 100% by re-vegetation with plantings chosen to match adjacent undisturbed natural areas with a minimum of five years growth and irrigation supplied for two years to ensure the plants become established. Plant materials shall be introduced to closely match existing species in terms of size, massing and quality, as approved by the planning manager.