Enforcement of this chapter shall be implemented by the Police Division and/or the Fire Division, which shall:
   (a)   Establish a telephone number through which all complaints by citizens relating to violations of this chapter may be directed or referred;
   (b)   Require, while an establishment is undergoing otherwise mandated inspections, a self-certification from the owner, manager, operator or other person having control of such establishment that all requirements of this chapter have been complied with. Other departments conducting otherwise mandated inspections shall cooperate with the Fire Division in obtaining such a self-certification.
   (c)   For establishments found out of compliance with this chapter or receiving repeated citizen complaints:
      (1)   Provide to the proprietor or employer a copy of this chapter and such advisory assistance to rectify future violations as may be necessary to achieve compliance with this chapter;
      (2)   Follow-up such investigation and advice with a written directive explaining in detail the steps required in order to achieve future compliance with this chapter; and
      (3)   If the violations do not cease following the expiration of a reasonable period of time, request commencement of a civil and/or criminal proceeding by the Director of Law as may be appropriate pursuant to Section 622.09 and the penalties provided for violations of this chapter.
(Ord. 1988-130. Passed 12-21-88.)