(A)   Zoning Ordinance: All garages must be located and constructed in compliance with the provisions of title 9 of this code. The regulations in this section are in addition to any zoning regulations.
   (B)   Policy: Garages are allowed as accessory uses in the various residential districts as provided for in each district and shall be compatible with the principal use. Each residence shall be allowed garage space as set forth in this section, whether attached or detached, and all residential garages are subject to the requirements of this section. All garages in excess of five hundred (500) square feet shall be constructed on a full foundation. Only one curb cut per street is allowed. (Ord. 05-15, 8-15-2005)
   (C)   Definitions:
      ATTACHED GARAGE: A garage which is joined to the primary dwelling on the lot. Such garage shall be on a full foundation, whether it is an integral part of the structure, connected by a porch, or connected by a breezeway.
      DETACHED GARAGE: A garage which is entirely surrounded by open space on the same lot as the primary dwelling. A garage attached by a porch or breezeway which lacks a full foundation shall also be considered a detached garage. (Ord. 07-29, 10-15-2007)
   (D)   Detached Garages:
      1.   A detached garage may be built on a residential lot that also contains an attached garage. Such a detached garage must be accessible via an approved driveway, which meets the design requirements of section 9-12-5 of this code, which connects the garage to the street or alley access apron.
      2.   Only one detached garage may be built per lot. The garage must be built in a rear yard, and the area of the detached garage may not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the rear yard area.
      3.   The construction of all detached garages shall require the submission of a plat of survey for the lot which establishes lot lines, easements and drainage issues.
      4.   No metal sided or pole type detached garages shall be allowed.
      5.   The maximum height of the walls of a detached garage shall not exceed nine feet six inches (9'6").
      6.   The maximum pitch of the roof of a detached garage shall not exceed the predominant pitch of the primary residence's roof, and the roof shall be no higher than the primary residence's roof.
      7.   No detached garage shall be built in such a fashion that the garage may be converted or used as a permanent residence. (Ord. 05-15, 8-15-2005)
   (E)   Maximum Size Of Garages:
      1.   E-1, R-1 And R-2 Zone Requirements: All residential structures shall provide a garage having space for storage of a minimum of two (2) passenger vehicles.
      2.   Maximum Area: The maximum area of all garages, whether attached, detached, or both, shall not exceed eight hundred sixty (860) square feet or forty eight percent (48%) of the total square footage of livable floor area, whichever is greater.
      3.   Garage Doors:
         (a)   Garage overhead door openings shall not exceed eight feet (8') in height.
         (b)   The maximum amount of a primary structure's front facade devoted to garage overhead doors (and spaces between garage overhead doors) shall not exceed sixty percent (60%). (Ord. 07-04, 6-4-2007)