Every parcel of land hereafter used as a public or private parking area, including commercial parking lots and automobile or trailer sales lots, shall be designed, developed, and maintained in accordance with the following requirements:
   (A)   Design Plan Approval: The plan for the design of parking lots or areas shall be subject to approval of the village engineer and code enforcement officer, in accordance with current standards on file in the code enforcement office and requirements noted herein.
   (B)   Restricted Use: No off street parking area shall be used for sale, repair, dismantling, or servicing of any vehicles, equipment, materials, or supplies, except when parking is a permitted principal or conditional use. (Ord. 99-06, 6-21-1999)
   (C)   Design Specifications:
      1.   All districts except FB-1 Route 50 corridor district: (Ord. 12-34, 2-19-2013)
         (a)   Drainage/Approved Material: All off street parking areas shall be graded for proper drainage and provided with bituminous asphalt, concrete or other approved dustless, durable material capable of carrying a wheel load of four thousand (4,000) pounds maintained at all times in such a manner as to prevent the release of dust and to be free of dust, trash, and debris.
         (b)   Curb Cuts: Except for approved circle drives in residential districts, no more than one curb cut shall be allowed for any lot with less than two hundred foot (200') frontage on a public street, and no more than two (2) curb cuts shall be allowed for any lot with two hundred feet (200') or over frontage.
         (c)   Access Angle: Entrance/exit access shall intersect the public street at an angle of seventy (70) to ninety degrees (90°).
         (d)   Vehicular Access: All off street parking areas shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner which will least interfere with vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as determined by the village engineer and code enforcement officer.
         (e)   Parking Space Dimensions: Except for parallel parking spaces, each required off street parking space shall be at least nine feet (9') in width and at least twenty feet (20') in length, exclusive of access drives or aisles, ramps or columns. Such space shall have a vertical clearance of at least seven feet (7') and shall be measured at right angles to the axis of the vehicle. For parallel parking, the length of the parking space shall be increased to twenty four feet (24').
         (f)   ADA Requirements: Parking for the handicapped shall be provided at a size, number, and location as specified by state and federal regulations.
         (g)   Location: No pavement or curbing shall be located closer than five feet (5') from any property line unless it can be specifically demonstrated that the intent is to extend the parking to adjacent properties. A plan must be submitted and approved during the review process which shows how the extension of parking will occur.
         (h)   Curbing: All parking areas with more than twelve (12) spaces within any district shall be provided with curbing along perimeter parking so located that no part of the parked vehicle will extend beyond the parking area.
         (i)   Ingress/Egress: A clear path of ingress and egress must be individually provided for each space; parking spaces shall not be adjoined in any manner whereby use of one space would effectively eliminate ingress or egress to any other parking space. No turnaround, street or driveway that serves as access to any parking space shall be considered a separate parking space or area if its use effectively blocks ingress or egress of any other parking space.
         (j)   Clear Path Of Vision: At points of ingress and egress into roads for off street parking, no structure, parked vehicle, sign or plant material shall obstruct a clear path of motor vehicle driver's vision of approaching vehicles within a triangular square determined by a diagonal line connecting two (2) points measured seventy five feet (75') equidistant from the point of intersection with the centerline of the road and the points of ingress and egress.
         (k)   Lighting: Driveways, accessways and parking areas shall be illuminated in sufficient manner to create a safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians. All lighting shall be glare free and directed away from adjoining properties. Lighting heads shall be permanently fixed downdraft lighting utilizing shadow boxes to direct light downward.
         (l)   Landscaping: All open vehicle parking areas containing more than twelve (12) contiguous and adjacent parking spaces shall be effectively screened in accordance with the guidelines noted in section 9-3-5 of this title. Five percent (5%) of the entire parking area shall be landscaped with island greenery; such plan shall be approved with the site plan. (Ord. 99-06, 6-21-1999)
      2.   Single-family R-1 and two-family R-2 residential districts:
         (a)   Driveways for single-family homes shall not be less than nine feet (9') in width. Where a driveway leads to a garage, the width shall not be less than the span of the garage door, or if more than one, the total span of all doors. The width of the driveway for an attached garage may not extend beyond three feet (3') from the side of the garage nearest to the structure's main entrance. The driveway extension, located on the side of the garage farthest from structure's main entrance, may be extended to within five feet (5') of the parcel sideline, provided that no extension is constructed on a drainage easement. (Ord. 15-37, 12-21-2015)
         (b)   No lot in an R-1 residential district shall have more than one driveway approach to a garage or parking area, except for approved circle drives.
         (c)   All aprons must be constructed with concrete.
         (d)   No more than fifty percent (50%) of the area in front of a single-family home's building setback line may be covered by a hard surface, unless a circle drive is utilized.
         (e)   Circle drives may be permitted when it is determined by the director of building and zoning that its presence will not be injurious to the health, safety and welfare of the public. When making such a decision the director of building and zoning may consider, but in no way shall be limited to: traffic conditions, aesthetics and lot coverage. No approval for a circle drive will be granted by the director of building and zoning without the submission of a site plan, drawn to scale, delineating the circle drive configuration to be constructed on the lot.
         (f)   Notwithstanding anything in this section to the contrary, no driveway or portion thereof shall be permitted if its construction would cause the total lot coverage to exceed sixty percent (60%). (Ord. 06-68, 1-15-2007)
      3.   Commercial, industrial, and multiple-family residential R-3 districts:
         (a)   Width: Shall be provided with entrances and exits not less than twelve feet (12') nor more than seventeen and one-half feet (171/2') in width for each direction of traffic and so located as to minimize traffic congestion. (Ord. 99-06, 6-21-1999)
         (b)   Distance Between Curb Cuts And Intersections: Minimum distance between curb cuts and public street intersections shall be no less than one hundred forty five feet (145') measured from the centerline of the street to the centerline of the entrance/exit access, unless otherwise approved by the village chief of police and the village engineer. Any entrance/exit access that does not meet the distance requirement may be evaluated by the village chief of police for traffic and safety concerns, and by the village engineer to determine if a shorter distance would be acceptable based on the particulars of the location. (Ord. 15-35, 12-21-2015)
         (c)   Vehicular Access: Each off street parking space shall open directly upon an aisle or driveway at least twelve feet (12') wide for each direction of traffic or such additional width and design as to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to such parking space.
         (d)   Garages: Where garages are provided, driveway width to the garage shall be no less than the span of the garage door(s).
         (e)   Screening: Off street parking areas for four (4) or more vehicles that adjoin or are across the street from property zoned for any residential use shall have a dense evergreen planting and/or such other screening in accordance with guidelines of section 9-3-5 of this title.
         (f)   Landscaping: A minimum of fifteen feet (15') of landscaping in the front yard shall be provided in all commercial and industrial districts. Reduction in the depth of landscaping may be permitted as a special use if adequate provisions for landscaping can be demonstrated. (Ord. 99-06, 6-21-1999)