Fees and charges as set forth in this section may be charged to a person who borrows library materials or uses library services. The types and amounts of fees and charges will be determined by the City Council.
   (A)   Overdue materials. Late fees may be charged on library books, magazines, audio/visual media and other materials that are retained beyond their due dates, not to exceed the suggested retail prices of the materials in question. Such fees are as follows:
      (1)   $.25 a day each for late books, magazines, newspapers, and audio books.
      (2)   $.50 a day for each late interlibrary loan items.
      (3)   $1.00 a day each for late DVDs, videotapes, music CDs, and portable WiFi hotspots.
   (B)   Lost or destroyed materials. Charges for lost or destroyed materials will be their full suggested retail price, provided that the materials are commercially available, or the full suggested retail price of suitable substitutes.
   (C)   Damaged materials. Damaged materials will be repaired and remain in use if practicable. If materials are judged to be damaged beyond repair and further use, they will be considered destroyed and the patron may be charged for them. Patrons must surrender such materials to the library, but may have them returned to them upon paying for them.
   (D)   Other fees and charges. Other fees and charges are as follows:
      (1)   $.10 a page for black and white printing from a computer.
      (2)   $.25 a page for color printing from a computer.
      (3)   $.10 a page for black and white photocopies.
      (4)   $.20 a page for black and white photocopies, two sides.
      (5)   $.25 a page for color photocopies.
      (6)   $.50 a page for color photocopies, two sides.
      (7)   $1.00 per page to send a fax.
      (8)   $2.00 each to replace a library card.
      (9)   $3.00 each to replace a video case, DVD case, or music CD case.
      (10)   $6.00 each to replace an audio book case.
      (11)   $3.00 each for interlibrary loan items not picked up.
      (12)   $40.00 per annual user fee for nonresident library card holders.
      (13)   $40.00 refundable deposit for use of the library Community Room.
   (E)   Fees and charges may be adjusted by the City Librarian for cause, on an individual basis, as necessary.
(‘78 Code, § 9.5-21) (Ord. 1083, passed 7-10-95; Ord. OR-1818-11, passed 9-26-11; Ord. OR-2022-16, passed 10-1-16)