(A)   The storage and use of liquified petroleum gases shall be in accordance with the International Fire Code, N.F.P.A. Standard #58 and any rules adopted by the Railroad Commission of Texas. The city recognizes that LP gas is regulated in the state by the Railroad Commission and adopts by reference the safety rules promulgated by the Railroad Commission of Texas (NFPA # 58). Where a conflict exists between these regulations, the more restrictive shall apply.
   (B)   Liquified petroleum gas is prohibited in the city with the following exceptions:
      (1)   Fixed tanks are prohibited in multi-family zoning districts. Exception: A single tank with a capacity not to exceed 250 gallons is permitted for the purpose of heating swimming pools provided natural gas is not available to the site. The tank must be located a minimum of ten feet from any dwelling unit.
      (2)   Single-family zoning districts are permitted one 250-gallon tank, provided the tank complies with the spacing provisions of this code. If the tank is placed where it is a minimum of ten feet from any adjacent structure or property line, the amount may be increased to 500 gallons.
      (3)   Commercial zoning districts are permitted tanks of up to 1,000-gallon capacity, provided they meet the provisions of this code.
      (4)   Industrial zoning districts are permitted to use containers with any quantity permitted by this code.
      (5)   Planned development districts are permitted to have tanks in any quantity authorized by the PD provided the tank installation conforms with the provisions of this code. Exception: LPG tanks installed prior to the effective date of this subchapter that were in compliance with applicable codes at the time of their installation are allowed to continue in use. Any tank covered by this exception may not be replaced with a tank in violation of this section.
   (C)   Existing non-conforming uses involving the sale of LPG and tank sizes will be allowed to continue. No additional tanks may be installed unless they comply with the provisions of this code.
   (D)   It is the specific intent of this section to prohibit the bulk storage of LP gas within the City of Mansfield except as herein established.
   (E)   Quantities referred to in this section are aggregate quantities on each tract of land. It is the responsibility of the property owner and the installer of any LPG tank to ensure compliance with these regulations and any tank installed in violation of these provisions must be immediately removed.
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