§ 118.20 PURPOSE.
   (A)   It is the policy of the city that its licensed drivers of taxicabs(hereinafter, the licensees) be free of substance abuse.  The abuse of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs reduces awareness and increases the potential for accidents.  Substance abuse thereby increases both the risk of injury to fares and citizens of the city and the risk of damage to public and private property.
   (B)   It is the policy of the city that the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by taxicab licensees while on duty is prohibited.  Licensees shall not report for duty under the influence of alcoholic beverages or with sufficient amounts of illegal drugs in their system so as to give rise to a positive drug test or impair their job performance.  For purposes of this policy, the term ILLEGAL DRUG means any intoxicant, any narcotic, marijuana, or any controlled drug, save medication prescribed for a licensee by a licensed physician, presuming the use of such is consistent with the prescription and with the operation of a motor vehicle. Violations of this policy shall result in disciplinary action, including immediate suspension of the vehicle license.
(Ord. passed 4-7-98)