(A)   An applicant for a taxicab company business license must meet the following minimum requirements:
      (1)   Taxicabs shall be equipped with two-way communication equipment and have an arrangement for calling for prompt assistance in the event of a breakdown en route.
      (2)   The taxicab company shall publish hours of dispatch service in all display advertising.
      (3)   The taxicab company shall have a published business telephone number.
   (B)   In addition to those standards set forth in this chapter, a taxicab business license shall be denied to the following persons:
      (1)   To a corporation which is not licensed to do business in the state.
      (2)   To an applicant other than the registered owner or lessee of the vehicles.
      (3)   To a corporation if any principal officer thereof or any person having actual ownership interest therein has a disqualifying criminal conviction.
      (4)   To an applicant, other than a corporation, if such applicant or any person having an actual ownership interest or management authority therein has a disqualifying criminal conviction.
      (5)   To any applicant whose taxicab business license, taxicab dispatch company license, or Airport Access Permit has been previously revoked or suspended. Exception: An applicant whose license has been revoked merely for failing to renew in a timely manner may be considered for licensure.
   (C)   Every vehicle used as a taxicab shall be of the closed type, having at least two doors for direct and unimpeded access to the passenger area behind the driver's seat.  The doors shall be so constructed so that they will remain securely fastened during normal operation, while the taxicab is in motion, but may be readily opened by a passenger in case of emergency.
(Ord. passed 4-4-95; Am. Ord. passed 10-3-00)  Penalty, see § 118.99