§ 111.65  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   A-WEIGHTED SOUND PRESSURE. The sound pressure level as measured with a sound level meter using the A-weighting network. The standard notation is dB(A) or dBA.
   DANCE HALL.  Any location, other than a food-service establishment as defined by § 117.01, which permits or permits to occur, dancing. This definition shall not include a public or private school licensed by the state or the city for the purpose of conducting regular dancing classes or dance courses of study as its regular and recurrent business activity.
   DECIBEL.  A logarithmic unit of measure often used to measure magnitudes of sound. The symbol is dB.
   ENTERTAINMENT PLACE OF ASSEMBLY. A room or space in which provision is made for occupancy or assembly for entertainment purposes. For the purpose of this definition such room or space shall include any occupied connecting rooms, space, or area on the same level or in the same story, or in a story or storied above or below, where entrance is common to the rooms, space, or areas.
   NOISE.  Any sound that exceeds the standards set forth in this chapter, annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensibilities, or causes or tends to cause any adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans.
   SOUND.  An oscillation in pressure, stress, particle displacement and particle velocity which induces auditory sensation.
   SOUND LEVEL METER.   An apparatus for the measurement of sound levels. The sound level meter shall be of a design and have the characteristics of a type 2 or better instrument as established by the American National Standards Institute.
   SPECIAL EVENT. A daily event which requires the closure of a public street or the usage or closure of another public place or park, and which involves public entry, vending of food, drink or merchandise, public entertainment, or a moving athletic event like a race or walk; or an outdoor event on private property which is open to the public and due to its size and activities has an impact on the surrounding streets and neighborhoods or may require special police or fire attention or the use of other special City services or facilities. A special event pursuant to this title shall only apply to either commercial for profit or non-profit events.
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