No person shall place or maintain upon the street frontage of any building in which is located a place of business, one or more incandescent lamps and the fixtures for supporting the same, except that the same may be placed or maintained on streets which are not provided with street lights under the following conditions:
   (A)   A permit for placing such light or lights shall be obtained from the Director of Planning and Community Development and the installation, when made, shall be approved by him.
   (B)   Each lamp shall be supported by a separate fixture, securely attached to the building.
   (C)   The overall projection of such lamp or fixture, over the sidewalk, shall not exceed 24 inches, and no part of said lamp or fixture shall be less than ten feet above the sidewalk.
   (D)   The lamp, shade, globe, or fixture shall bear no word or marking of any kind.
   (E)   Should the street, upon which any such light is installed, be provided with special illumination, as specified above, the right to maintain such light shall terminate.
   (F)   No lights installed as herein provided shall be so arranged as to form any letter, emblem, or device, or in any way to constitute an electric sign, it being expressly understood that the sole purpose of this provision is to afford illumination.
   (G)   The Director of Planning and Community Development may order and effect the removal of any such light or fixture, if in his judgment, the same adversely affects the safety or convenience of the public.
   (H)   No such installation shall be altered, except with the consent of the Director of Planning and Community Development.
('71 Code, § 22-41)  (Am. Ord. passed 2-7-09)  Penalty, see § 97.99