(A)   No appliance fixture, or other type unit or appendage, shall be hung, placed, or fastened to the outer walls of a building or structure, or in the window openings of same, any of which are located above the first story or seven feet above grade and within six feet of a public way and facing same, unless such installation is made in a secure and workmanlike manner with an adequate metal shelf or angle brackets to which the unit shall be fastened and so arranged that it will support the weight of the unit without danger of overturning from any cause.
   (B)   No such installation shall be made prior to having received a permit for the same from the Director of Planning and Community Development, and no such permit shall be issued unless the owner of the unit in question shall have filed with the Director of Planning and Community Development a public liability insurance policy with the same provisions as specified in section 1408.0 of the building code of the city.
('71 Code, § 22-40) (Am. Ord. passed 2-7-09)  Penalty, see § 97.99
   Building regulations, see Ch. 151