(A)   Any person who intends to erect or to make alterations in the external walls of any building shall, before he proceeds to build or erect the same, or to lay the foundations thereof, or to make the said alterations, or to do any act for carrying into execution his intention to do such things, give to the Department of Highways at least two days notice in writing of his intention. The notice shall state therein the dimensions of the structure proposed, the materials to be used, the precise location, and the name of the owner in order that and encroachment, injury, or other inconvenience to the public streets, which might otherwise happen, may be thereby prevented.
   (B)   If any person fails to give notice to the Department of Highways, the city shall be discharged from all liability for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the failure to give notice, particularly from all liability for such damages or expenses as have been enhanced or occasioned by reason of anything done previously to or without such notice.
('71 Code, § 22-39)  Penalty, see § 97.99