Whenever any street, sidewalk, or other public place in the city shall, under any permit granted pursuant to this subchapter, be dug up, obstructed, encumbered, or otherwise rendered thereby unsafe, or inconvenient for travelers, the person granted a permit shall at all times:
   (A)   Keep a suitable railing or fence around the section or parts of any street, sidewalk, or other public place, dug up, obstructed or encumbered, so long as the same shall be unsafe or inconvenient.
   (B)   Keep one or more lighted lanterns fixed to such fence, or in some other proper manner, every night from twilight in the evening and through the whole night, so long as such railing or fence shall be kept standing.
   (C)   Repair, within such reasonable time as the Department of Highways shall direct, any street, sidewalk, or public place, to the acceptance of the Board of Highway Commissioners.
('71 Code, § 22-37)  Penalty, see § 97.99
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to regulate the digging up of ground in streets or public ways, see R.S.A. 47:17 (VII)