(A)   Pursuant to Charter § 3.02 there is established a Fire Department.
   (B)   Department head. The department head shall be the Fire Chief who shall be appointed as provided by Charter § 3.03.
   (C)   Composition. The Fire Department shall also include a Fire Commission consisting of five members who shall be appointed as provided by Charter § 3.14, and the commission shall have those duties and responsibilities as are assigned by the Charter.
   (D)   Duties. The Fire Department shall be responsible for providing properly trained personnel for, and high-quality emergency response to, any situation which threatens the life, safety and well-being of people and property in the city including, but not limited to, fires, hazardous materials incidents, rescue and for emergency medical incidents and disasters. The Fire Department shall also be responsible for providing current information on safety and fire prevention in the schools, workplace and for the general citizenry and for all municipal workers, communications systems city-wide and the municipal cable plant and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed by federal, state and local law.
(Ord. passed 11-4-98)