The following conduct is prohibited:
   (A)   Provide any false or inaccurate information to any city board, committee, commission or any employee of the city, in an attempt to deceive or otherwise avoid compliance with this subchapter.
   (B)   Hinder, obstruct, delay, resist, interfere, or attempt to interfere with any authorized persons while in the performance of their duties under this ordinance.
   (C)   Emit or cause to be emitted any noise which exceeds the established limits in § 111.75(B)(2).
   (D)   Violate any subsection of § 111.75.
   (E)   Conduct an event that involves the amplification of sound or speech above 60 dBA for the purpose of presenting a musical selection, show, performance or concert at an outdoor venue in the city without obtaining a license from the office of the City Clerk pursuant to § 111.75(A).
(Ord. passed 10-4-05; Am. Ord. passed 6-6-06)