The purpose of this section is to establish standards that will eliminate and reduce unnecessary noise at outdoor venues throughout the city which may be physically harmful or otherwise detrimental to individuals and the community in the enjoyment of life, property and the conduct of business.
   (A)   No person shall conduct an event that involves the amplification of sound or speech above 60 dBA for the purpose of presenting a musical selection, show, performance or concert at an outdoor venue within the limits of the city without obtaining a noise permit issued by the office of the City Clerk.
   (B)   The following general guidelines shall apply to the issuance of a noise permit. These guidelines are not all inclusive as other criteria may be established that is reasonable and prudent to protect the public or limit the anticipated detrimental impact of the events noise upon the community:
      (1)   All outdoor venues shall have a curfew of 10:00 p.m. Any event which exceeds this curfew shall be assessed the penalty identified in § 111.99(C)(4) for each 15-minute period beyond this curfew.
      (2)   The office of the City Clerk shall not grant a permit to conduct noise at level greater than 100 dBA to be measured 100 feet from the noise source.
      (3)   Any sound board or mix position present at an event shall be placed at 100 feet from the noise source.
      (4)   The office of the City Clerk may require any applicant to be monitored for sound levels to ensure compliance with this chapter. Monitoring may be conducted by a representative of the city or an independent third party using an appropriate sound level meter. In the event of third party monitoring, all expenses associated with the sound monitoring shall be assumed by the applicant.
      (5)   In granting a license, the office of the City Clerk may impose additional conditions or stipulations it deems necessary and proper to preserve the intent of this chapter.
      (6)   Should an application for a noise permit be denied, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Committee on Administrative/ Information Systems of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
(Ord. passed 10-4-05; Am. Ord. passed 6-6-06)