(A)   The Village Administrator and/or the person designated by the village as the Building Inspector under the terms of the Village Zoning Ordinance shall be responsible for the general administration of this chapter and ensure that all development activities within the floodplains under the jurisdiction of the village meet the requirements of this chapter.
   (B)   Specifically, the Village Administrator and/or the Building Inspector shall:
      (1)   Review and process development permits in accordance with § 151.05;
      (2)   Assure that all development in a floodway (or a floodplain with no delineated floodway) meets the damage prevention requirements of § 151.25;
      (3)   Assure that the building protection requirements for all buildings subject to § 151.26 are met and maintain a record of the “as-built” elevation of the lowest floor (including basement) or floodproof certificate for all buildings;
      (4)   Assure that all subdivisions and annexations meet the requirements of § 151.27;
      (5)   Assure that water supply and waste disposal systems meet the public health standards of § 151.28;
      (6)   Assure that all development activities within a special flood hazard area or floodplain meet the requirements of this chapter;
      (7)   If a variance is requested, assure that the requirements of § 151.30 are met and maintain documentation of any variances granted;
      (8)   Observe all development projects and take any and all actions outlined in §§ 151.08, 151.11, and 151.99 as necessary to assure compliance with this chapter;
      (9)   Assure that applicants are aware of and obtain any and all other required local, state and federal permits;
      (10)   Notify IDNR/OWR and any neighboring communities prior to any alteration or relocation of a watercourse within a riverine special flood hazard area;
      (11)   Provide information and assistance to citizens upon request about permit procedures and floodplain construction techniques;
      (12)   Cooperate with state and federal floodplain management agencies to coordinate base flood data and to improve the administration of this chapter;
      (13)   Maintain for public inspection base flood data, floodplain maps, copies of state and
federal permits, and documentation of compliance for development activities subject to this chapter;
      (14)   Perform site inspections and make substantial damage determinations for structures within the floodplain;
      (15)   Maintain the accuracy of floodplain maps including notifying IDNR/OWR and/or submitting information to FEMA within six months whenever a modification of the floodplain may change the base flood elevation or result in a change to the floodplain map; and
      (16)   Obtain technical assistance from the Village Engineer, State Water Survey, IDNR/OWR or other appropriate and qualified individuals or agencies whenever necessary for the administration and enforcement of this chapter.
(Ord. 13-09-1, passed 9-10-2013)