(A)   Any person receiving a notice of violation may appeal the determination of the city. After issuing a citation, the City Engineer shall deliver a copy of the citation to the person designated by the local Appeals Board. Upon receipt of a notice of violation, the violator shall respond within seven (7) days by either submitting a restoration plan to the city and paying the fine, or requesting in writing a hearing before the local Appeals Board to contest the citation and/or the amount of the proposed fine. If the violator responds by paying the civil fine, the violator shall still be required to remedy the violation. If the violator fails to remedy the violation or request a hearing within the designated time, the City Engineer is authorized to issue another citation and to remedy the violation. After determining that compliance has been achieved in the allowed correction time, the City Engineer shall report that statistic to the local Appeals Board.
   (B)   If the violator does not request a hearing before the local Appeals Board and the property is not brought into compliance, or if the local Appeals Board orders the property be brought into compliance and the violator refuses, failure to so comply shall constitute permission to an official, employee or other authorized agent of the city to enter upon the property to remedy the situation and to abate the violation.
(Ord. 2007-16, passed 7-16-07)