(A)   An account is established for the deposit of monies for the Hargan-Matthews Park.  The monies will come from donations, fundraisers, sale of merchandise, sponsorships, appropriations from city accounts or from any other lawful source.
   (B)   The account shall be named the Hargan-Matthews Park Fund.  All funds contained in the account shall be expended only for the exclusive purpose of paying for improvements and maintenance of the Hargan-Matthews Park.  These expenses may include equipment, fencing, brick or concrete walls, columns and walks, landscaping, matching funds for grants, fund-raising expenses, park maintenance, and any other expenses related to the continuous improvement and successful operation of the park.
   (C)   The express and written approval of the Board of Public Works and Safety shall be obtained prior to the expenditure of funds from the account.
   (D)   The account shall be nonreverting and exist perpetually unless terminated by a subsequent ordinance enacted by the Common Council.
   (E)   If the account is terminated by a subsequent ordinance enacted by the Common Council, the remaining balance of the terminated account shall revert to the general budget of the Department of Public Parks.
(Ord. 2017-2, passed 3-7-17)