(A)   Employees may be laid off or demoted by reason of lack of work or funds, or the abolishment of positions.  The order in which employees are laid off or demoted shall be determined in accordance with the interest of efficiency of public operations; however, normally employees will be laid off recognizing the principles of seniority within a job classification within a department.  Senior employees may be assigned across department lines providing the employee can perform the work in a normal manner.
   (B)   The city is not expected to train employees on newly assigned jobs, beyond familiarization time of 20 work days, during a reduction in work force.
   (C)   Regular employees on layoff will be recalled in seniority order to:
      (1)    The job classification in the department from which they were laid off; or
      (2)    A job they can be expected to perform in a normal manner.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )