§ 10-3.902  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   The following uses shall be permitted in the C-2 zone:
      (1)   Any use permitted in the C-1 zone.
      (2)   Wholesale stores and storage within buildings.
      (3)   Building material yards.
      (4)   Lumber yards.
      (5)   Used secondhand merchandise within enclosed buildings.
      (6)   Emergency shelter as provided in § 10-3.422.
   (B)   The following uses shall be permitted subject to approval by the Zoning Administrator:
      (1)   Temporary outdoor display of merchandise and sales activities.
      (2)   Gas and electric transmission lines, electrical transmission and distribution substations, gas regulator stations, communications equipment buildings, public service pumping stations, and elevated pressure tanks.
   (C)   The following uses subject to first securing a Use Permit in each case:
      (1)   Auto wrecking;
      (2)   Bottling works;
      (3)   Contractor's yards;
      (4)   Farm supply store;
      (5)   Junk yards;
      (6)   Machine shops;
      (7)   Planing mills;
      (8)   Outdoor storage of goods and materials;
      (9)   Trailer coach camps;
      (10)   Auction facilities;
      (11)   Self-service car washes as either a primary or accessory use;
      (12)   Any use permitted in any R zone;
      (13)   Adult oriented businesses as provided in § 10-7.01 of this title; and
      (14)   Other uses, which in the opinion of the Commission are of a similar nature.
   (D)   Light manufacturing, including the manufacture of clothing, novelties, and toys, and uses which in the opinion of the Commission are of a similar nature, and all subject to first securing a use permit in each case; and
   (E)   Signs appurtenant to any permitted use may be erected in the C-2 zone subject to all the laws, rules, and regulations of the city pertaining to signs.
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