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Macungie Borough Overview
Macungie Borough, PA Code of Ordinances
Code of the Borough of Macungie (County of Lehigh)
Part 1: Administrative Legislation
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 8: Authorities
Chapter 14: Civil Service Commission
Chapter 23: Fire Department
Chapter 31: Intermunicipal Agreements
Chapter 37: Investment Policy
Chapter 45: Local Government Investment Trust
Chapter 53: Officers and Employees
Chapter 60: Pensions
Chapter 67: Planning Commission
Chapter 73: Police Department
Chapter 81: Salaries and Compensation
Chapter 93: Social Security
Part II: General Legislation
Chapter 110: Abandoned Articles
Chapter 118: Animals
Chapter 126: Brush Grass and Weeds
Chapter 134: Buildings, Numbering of
Chapter 141: Burning Outdoor
Chapter 145: Circuses and Carnivals
Chapter 149: Code Enforcement and Building Regulation
Chapter 158: Drug Paraphernalia
Chapter 162: Emergency Service Cost Reimbursement
Chapter 167: Fees
Chapter 174: Firearms and Weapons
Chapter 181: Fireworks and Fireworks Displays
Chapter 188: Garage Porch and Yard Sales
Chapter 197: Impact Fees
Chapter 204: Insurance
Chapter 212: Junkyards
Chapter 223: Moving Transportation of Household Goods
Chapter 225: Municipal Claims Interest and Attorneys Fees
Chapter 230: Nuisances
Chapter 231: Outdoor Fuel Burning Appliances
Chapter 237: Parades
Chapter 245: Parks and Recreation
Chapter 251: Peddling and Soliciting
Chapter 260: Property
Chapter 267: Residential Rental Property Ordinance
Chapter 274: Sewers
Chapter 277: Shade Trees
Chapter 288: Solid Waste
Chapter 296: Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 305: Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 313: Taxation
Chapter 321: Vector Control
Chapter 329: Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 337: Water
Chapter 345: Zoning
Zoning Map
Derivation Table
Legislative Enactments
Table of Ordinances

Macungie Borough, Pennsylvania

Code supplemented and revised through October 4, 2021


Macungie Borough
21 Locust Street
Macungie, Pennsylvania 18062