The following signs are deemed either exempt from the provisions of this Chapter or they are specifically prohibited.
   (a)   Exempt Signs.
      (1)   Public Signs. Any sign displaying a public notice or warning required by a valid and applicable federal, state, or local law, ordinance, or regulation;
      (2)   Building Marker;
      (3)   Flags of any nation; government or non-commercial organization;
      (4)   Any sign inside a building that is not attached to the window or door and is not legible from a distance of more than three feet beyond the lot on which the sign if located;
      (5)   Any work of art that does not display a commercial message;
      (6)   Any religious symbol that does not display a commercial message;
      (7)   Any traffic control sign, such as "STOP" or "YIELD," located on private property that meets applicable governmental standards pertaining to such signs and does not display a commercial message; and
      (8)   Instructional signs provided such signs comply with the following:
         A.   Instructional signs shall be clearly intended, designed and located for instructional purposes, as determined by the Building Commissioner;
         B.   Each sign shall not be larger than four (4) square feet to serve the intended instructional purpose;
         C.   The sign is not in a location and does not possess design characteristics that constitute or serve the purposes of an identification sign; and
         D.   If the Building Commissioner or his/her designated representative determines that the proposed sign(s) does not serve instructional purposes, it shall be considered a freestanding or wall sign, as applicable, and subject to the pertinent regulations in this Chapter.
   (b)   Prohibited Signs. All signs not expressly permitted in this chapter shall be prohibited in the City. Such signs include but are not limited to the following:
      (1)   Flashing, animated, or moving signs of any sort, revolving signs and dynamic display signs that include digital video displays. Dynamic displays that include electronic messages (but no video) are permitted subject the regulations contained in Section 1179.11 of this chapter;
      (2)   Dynamic displays (electronic messages and video display) in residentially zoned districts regardless if the subject site is commercially used;
      (3)   Gas or air-filled balloons, search lights, or streamers associated with advertising purposes.
      (4)   Pole signs, as defined in Chapter 1133 of the Planning and Zoning Code;
      (5)    Roof signs, as defined in Chapter 1133 of the Planning and Zoning Code;
      (6)   Off premises signs are prohibited in all zoning districts. Signs may only be located on the building or premises containing the activity that is being advertised, as further specified within this ordinance;
      (7)   Neon signs except as defined in Section 1179.13(l);
      (8)   Signs painted, attached, embossed or affixed to a permanent or retractable awning are prohibited; and
      (9)   Signs in right of way, with the exception of public signs and traffic control signs as defined in Section 1179.05 (a). This includes placement of signs in the tree lawns or upon utility and traffic signal poles.
         (Ord. 96-2019. Passed 1-9-20.)