(a)    Before a permit to do blasting, as required under Section 1501.04 (a)(3) shall be issued, the applicant for such permit shall file a bond deemed adequate in each case by the Mayor. Such bond shall become available in the payment of any damage arising from the neglect of the contractor or his agents or employees.
   (b)    Any person desiring to be exempted from filing such bond shall make application to the Mayor showing his financial ability to discharge all such judgments to the amount of such bond required by the Mayor that may be entered against him. If the Mayor is satisfied of such financial ability of the applicant, the Mayor may exempt such applicant from filing of such bond. The Mayor may require further statements from the applicant showing his financial ability and if dissatisfied therewith, may revoke such exemption and require the filing of such bond.
(Ord. 31-1962. Passed 6-14-62.)