(a)    Separate and distinct permits shall be required concerning explosives as follows, subject to the conditions specified in this section.
      (1)    To possess, store, keep, sell or otherwise dispose of, but not use, any explosives except small arms ammunition.
      (2)    To transport explosives, except small arms ammunition, on public highways, within the City by motor truck, or other vehicle. Possession of a permit or license from the federal or State government to transport explosives on the public highways shall be considered as meeting the requirements of this subsection.
      (3)    To use any explosives, except small arms ammunition and construction devices such as explosive rivets and explosive driven pins or studs.
   (b)    Permits as required by subsection (a)(1) hereof, shall not be issued for any building or structure that is occupied as a dwelling, school, theater, or other place of assembly, or where the building or structure is lighted by any means other than electricity, or where any manufacturing processes are conducted, or where smoking material is sold.
   (c)    Permits required by subsection (a)(1) hereof shall not be issued for the possession of:
      (1)    Liquid nitroglycerine.
      (2)    Dynamite. Except gelatin dynamite containing over sixty percent (60%) of liquid explosive ingredient.
      (3)    Dynamite having an unsatisfactory absorbent or one that permits leakage of a liquid explosive ingredient under any conditions liable to exist during storage.
      (4)    Nitrocellulose in a dry and uncompressed condition in quantity greater than ten pounds net weight in one package.
       (5)    Fulminate of mercury in bulk in a dry condition and fulminate of all other metals in any condition except as a component of manufactured articles not hereinafter forbidden.
      (6)    Explosive compositions that ignite spontaneously or undergo marked decomposition rendering the products or their use more hazardous, when subjected for forty-eight consecutive hours or less to a temperature of 167°F.
      (7)    New explosives until approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission.
      (8)    Explosives not packed or marked in accordance with the requirements of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
      (9)    Explosives containing an ammonium salt and a chlorate.
   (d)    Permits as required by subsection (a)(3) shall not be issued for a quantity of explosives in excess of fifty pounds, exclusive of blasting caps, unless a greater quantity is authorized by the Mayor as provided in subsection (e) hereof.
   (e)    Permits as required by subsection (a)(3) hereof may be issued by the Mayor in excess of that specified in subsection (d) hereof, when blasting operations require greater amounts, but such permits shall not be issued for quantities in excess of the amount actually needed for one day's operation and any unused explosives shall be returned to a Class A magazine.
   (f)    Each applicant for a permit required by this section shall pay a permit fee of one dollar ($1.00) for each permit issued.
(Ord. 31-1962. Passed 6-14-62.)