(a)    On-Site. 
      (1)    Noise levels.
         A.    Drilling operations shall be controlled, by double exhausts, or otherwise, so that the maximum noise level of actual drilling does not exceed seventy-five decibels at a 500 foot radius from the well.
         B.    All pumps and equipment operated in conjunction with a producing well shall be operated with electric motors and no internal combustion engines shall be permitted.
         C.    All engines shall be equipped with effective mufflers of adequate size and type to match the engine used.
      (2)    Hours of operation. Material, equipment, tools or pipe used for either drilling or producing operations at the well and all oil produced shall not be delivered to or removed from the well site except between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. of any day except in case of emergency, or unless, based on the well location, this provision is waived prior to the issuance of the permit.
      (3)    Warning signs. Printed signs reading "DANGER, NO SMOKING ALLOWED" or similar words shall be posted in conspicuous places on each well, storage tank or battery of tanks.
      (4)    Meters. Each well shall have individual meters recording the volume of production.
      (5)    Lighting. No lighting shall shine directly on or constitute a nuisance to adjacent properties.
      (6)    Well workover. Any person operating any well(s) for oil or gas within the City may perform any well workover operations, except drilling deeper, without a permit provided the operator complies with the provisions of this chapter pertaining to such work. However, no well workover shall be performed without first informing the Mayor.
   (b)    Off-Site.
      (1)    Prior to constructing, laying, maintaining, operating, repairing, replacing or removing pipelines on any municipal street, sidewalk, alley or other property the applicant shall apply to Council for an easement if the applicant:
         A.    Does not interfere with or damage existing water, sewer or gas lines or the facilities of public utilities located within the rights of way or otherwise on Municipal property;
         B.    Furnishes the City Engineer with a plat showing the location of such pipelines;
         C.    Constructs such lines, or causes the same to be constructed, in accordance with directions of the City Engineer and which shall be properly cased and vented if under a street; and
         D.    Grades, levels and restores such property to the same condition, as nearly as practicable, as existed when the installation of the pipeline first commenced.
      (2)    No person shall permit to escape any mud, water, oil, slush or other waste matter related to the drilling or operating of any oil and/or gas well into any adjoining lots upon which the permittee does not have contractual rights to use the surface, or upon leases not owned by the permittee or into the alleys, streets, gutters or sewers of the Municipality.
      (3)    Should any mud be carried on public streets from a drilling site, the permittee shall be required to clean up the streets to the satisfaction of the City. Failure of a permittee to clean up the public streets to the satisfaction of the City, or failure to take specific steps to reduce mud at a given location, as requested by the City, shall be grounds for revocation of a permit, forfeiture of the bond posted under Section 751.06(e), and shall further be a misdemeanor punishable under Section 751.99.
      (4)    All trucks hauling oil, sludge water, salt water, petroleum products or by-products, shall be closed and leakproof at all times and the intake vent and outlet valves and pump connections shall be watertight and leakproof.
         (Ord. 2-1983. Passed 3-24-83.)