A.   Any unpermitted encroachments existing at the time this Chapter becomes effective must be permitted, pursuant to the terms of this Chapter, within one year from the effective date of this Chapter.
   B.   Following the one year period provided above, the Superintendent may remove from the right of way any encroachment for which a permit has not been authorized which is not removed, or the removal of which is not commenced and thereafter diligently prosecuted, within five (5) days after personal service of notice and demand upon the owner of the encroachment or his agent. In lieu of personal service upon that person or his agent, service of the notice may also be made by registered or certified mail and by posting, for a period of five (5) days, a copy of the notice on the encroachment described in the notice. Removal by the Superintendent of the encroachment on the failure of the owner to comply with the notice and demand given the Superintendent. (Ord. 377, 3-4-93, eff. 4-1-93)