A.   Bond: Every person seeking a Lyon County right-of-way use permit for the purpose of a street cut shall first execute, in County's favor, a bond or other suitable guarantee, approved by the District Attorney, in an amount sufficient to complete the total work requested by permittee plus ten percent (10%). County may collect on the bond or other like guarantee if the permittee fails to complete the work in accordance with the conditions set forth on the permit.
   B.   Insurance: Every person making a street cut shall purchase and maintain a policy of comprehensive general liability insurance of limits not less than five hundred thousand/one million dollars ($500,000.00/1,000,000.00) aggregate limits. A certificate of insurance must be placed on file with the Superintendent evidencing proof of coverage with a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation or change in coverage to the County.
   C.   A single permit allowing the street cut is required for any single continuous excavation, master development, or series of test holes, cores, borings, pole anchors or pole holes, or any other individual openings less than three (3) square feet in area within an improved portion of the County right of way. (Ord. 377, 3-4-93, eff. 4-1-93)