As used in this Chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions apply:
BOARD: The Lyon County Board of Commissioners.
CONTRACTOR: Any person, public utility, private utility or improvement district created or existing under NRS chapter 309 or 318, that performs an excavation, street-cut or encroachment.
COUNTY: A political subdivision of the State of Nevada.
COUNTY RIGHT OF WAY: The entire width of a public right of way whether shown on a recorded document or claimed by County as a prescriptive right of way. This includes land, property or interest therein offered for, acquired for, dedicated to or developed as a public right of way, whether or not the area of such is actually used as a right of way or maintained or accepted for maintenance by the County.
DEPARTMENT: The Lyon County Road Department.
ENCROACHMENT: Includes any tower, pole, pole line, pipe, pipeline, fence, stand, driveway, roadway, culvert, building excavation or any structure or object of any kind or character not particularly mentioned herein which is placed in, under or over any portion of the entire County right of way.
EXCAVATION: The movement or removal of earth, rock, pavement or other material in or on the ground. The term includes auguring, backfilling, digging, ditching, drilling, grading, plowing-in, ripping, scraping, trenching and tunneling.
LICENSED CONTRACTOR: A person who possesses a license issued under NRS chapter 624 and a Lyon County business license to allow the person to engage in excavation and construction activities.
PERSON: Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, district or organization.
STREET CUT: Any excavation in any improved portion of any County highway, street, alley, road or right of way.
SUPERINTENDENT: The Lyon County Road Superintendent. (Ord. 377, 3-4-93, eff. 4-1-93)